CYBERCHAIN Full Business Plan

CYBERCHAIN Full Business Plan

CYBERCHAIN – the worlds first matrix designed with the community in mind.

🦁Get ready for up to a 6000% return.

The team behind ECLIPCITY have spent time to analyze the market with the aim of creating the ultimate matrix smart contract that’ll be a true game changer and life changer for anyone and we are pleased to present CYBERCHAIN as an addtions to the ECLIPCITY ecosystem

Cyberchain is a unique 3×2 matrix meaning you have 3 positions on the front line, and 9 positions in the second line for a total of 12 levels in total.

There is only one Matrix.

To join CYBERCHAIN you can start with a donation of 100 TRX.

Keep at least an extra 10 TRX in wallet for gas fees.

With 100 TRX you will be able to join the first level in the matrix.

This will unlock you first level and you can now receive donations of 50% from every future member of the entry cost to that specific matrix level.

This is the first time in the industry everyone can receive 50%

You will receive a donation from each of the 12 positions in your matrix when filled by someone you bring in or your team members.

✅This can be your own personal directs.
✅Spillover from sponsor.
✅Overflow from bottom.
✅Or even overtakers that pass their sponsor if they donate to a higher level before them.

CYBERCHAIN is an L12 matrix.

Anyone will have the opportunity to receive unlimited donations.

If someone creates spillover to you.

You get a donation and they get a donation.

If you sponsor someone you get a donation and your sponsor get a donation.

If your direct brings someone, they get a donation and you get a donation.

If you bring spillover to your directs, they get a donation and you get a donation.

Of course as in any matrix system if you invite and help others receive donations as well you will receive even more yourself.

CYBERCHAIN´s unique algorithm has been designed with the community in mind we have developed the ultimate matrix where everyone supports everyone.


When all 12 positions have been completed by any of the above entering one of the 12 postions in your matrix you will cycle that matrix level and receive a total of 600%, return minus 100% for an automated re-cycle leaving you with 500% return.

This is massive guys 500% is huge.

The automatatic re-cycle allows you to continue to open a new matrix on that level every time is completes so you can recevie unlimited donations from the community.

Unlimited donations is a game changer.

It is Important to know that when you have cycled on a level and if you do not donate to the next level the current level will freeze and any donations to those positions will flow up to the qualfied upline

With a 500% return you never need to take any additional money out of pocket and all Tiger Team Members will be able to get to the 12th level.

This is why this is better than anything else out there.

This is the ultimate Matrix.


There are 12 levels of 3×2 matrixes that you can participate in each having a higher cost of donation but it also allows you to receive higher donations from the community.

You can donate and open up another level at any time.

Many members are going ALL in on day one.

You can also wait and use your 500% profit you cycle after completing each level.

From each level you receive a 500% return.

This is a first in the industry and nothing else compares to what we will do.

The first 7 levels in cyberchain will double (x2) in value.

The remaining 5 levels will triple (x3) in value leaving anyone with between 200% to 300% profit by moving on to higher levels.

These are all the levels in TRON.

Get your TRON ready as this will be moving fast.

Do not wait until Monday to load up your wallets with TRON.

L1 100 trx – L2 200 trx – L3 400 trx – L4 800 trx – L5 1600 trx – L6 3200 trx – L7 6400 trx – L8 19200 trx – L9 57600 trx – L10 172,800 trx – L11 518,400 trx – L12 1,555,200 trx

Let’s rock and roll this will be massive.

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