Appi travels compensation plan

Appi travels compensation plan, What is Appi Travels?

Is a travel company that combines its services with a unique and uncommon network marketing package, that enable its affiliates to earn huge residual income?

Free Travel Points

If you earn $25 today, you get 250 travel points

Introducing Appi Travels Business Opportunity

What is Appi Travels?

Appi Travels is a leading provider of the travel industry worldwide, offering a one-stop shopping source for booking hotels, vacations, flights, cars, cruise at huge discounts, up to 75% OFF for their customers (…and sometimes up to 100% discount, provided you have enough travel points in your Appi Travels account).

How will you benefit from Appi Travels?

And most importantly…

Why Should You Join Appi Travels Today?

1). You make money in your spare time: Appi Travels is a business that you can do on a part-time basis and earn some extra income without interfering with your job, studies or other engagements in any form.

2). Instant payment and withdrawals: Payment is instant in Appi Travels, and you can make a withdrawal the same day you earned your commission…you get paid daily upon request.

3). Ability to add many payment processors: Appi has made joining the business easy and flexible by the provision of several payment methods like SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Okpay, Ethereum, Bitcoin wallet.. even Credit Card.

4). Travel free to any country: You can travel absolutely FREE to any country of your choice, stay in hotels, and get car rental services…All FREE

5). Get huge discounts up to 75% on flights, hotel stays, and car rentals: You can book flights, hotels, and get car rental services for next to nothing for yourself or others, saving your money for other pressing needs.

6). All you need is your smartphone and social media accounts: This business can be done on a mobile phone or any other computerized device you have with ease. Your phone is your office in Appi Travels.

7). Daily Telegram Presentation for new prospects: What does this mean for you?

…Just invite your prospects to the telegram presentation and the group leaders will do the talking for you. You can start getting prospects from the first day …even when you’re yet to gain confidence…In other words; you can start making money right from the first day.

8). Free and quick help or support on Facebook, WhatsApp, and Telegram: If you get stuck you can get help and advice. You’ll never be left on your own…You will establish your business faster, earn faster and your spouse and young kids will benefit quicker…

9). Free training resources on how to recruit new members: Up to date training material to empower yourself and your team so that you can recruit people and start making money.

…If you think that’s interesting, wait until I reveal a proven blueprint that’ll unlock up to 9 different income sources for you in Appi Travels… all on autopilot.

Only if you’re open-minded…

Visit the Appi Travel Official website.

Appi Travels Products

Appi Travels also have products that can fetch every affiliate member with some exciting income.

Here are some of the products:

1). Appi Sites: Provides you easy to use and editable websites that you can use as your own (e.g for personal branding, to promote APPI or for your offline businesses). And if you decide to sell them, you will make a profit of $190 to $200 per sale.

2). Social Media Marketing Course: These are tools that would help every member to be a boss at social media marketing, thereby enabling you to build wealth at the comfort of our homes …all right from your smartphone.

Do you also know that you can make huge profits by booking flights for people?

As a member of AppiTravels, not only do you get to save on your own trips, you also get to make money booking flights, hotels, car rentals for other people.

Imagine your friend is going on a trip overseas and the flight ticket, when purchased from the travel company, is normally $1,000 but costs $800 if you purchase through Appi Travels portal. Now you bargain with your friend you will purchase the flight ticket for him at a discount provided he agrees to pay you $50 for saving him a whopping $200.

Come to think of it, you’ve just made $50 for less than 20 minutes work. What if you decide to charge him 40%, 50% of what you’ll save him?

Appi Travels Packages And Levels Of Participation

It will interest you that Appi Travels has two packages, each having 3 levels of participation, Appi Fund 2.0 and Appi Travels Even Up.

Appi Fund 2.0 Package: How Does Appi Fund 2.0 Work?

Appi Fund 2.0 employs a 2×2 matrix plan where every member can only have two direct downlines in his first-generation and a maximum of six people under you to make a Profit Center.

Appi Fund Cost $35 (Pays $25 per referral Until Infinity)

👉The appi funds is simply a 2×2 forced matrix made up of just 6 people and this form simultaneously on its own as you get direct referrals and pass up referrals on your normal structure. You earn from your upline, and your upline also earns from you, when u register 2 people and place 1 on the left leg 1 on the right leg, your upline is the one that earns,

The first two people that will be placed under you here will pay $25 (R375) or $50 (depending on your selected package) to your sponsor, while the next 4 persons that will be under them would pay the same amount to you Total $75 (R1,125) again and again!. Once this happens you are automatically recycled and the matrix starts again. That’s continuous earning till infinity.

The Free Re-Entry (6th person) pays for your new profit center, so you keep earning from your previous referrals and new ones until infinity (many as possible)

5 Ways To Complete The Appi Fund Profit Center

1. Direct Referrals: Your personal invites

2. Spill Over: When your sponsor refers more than two personal invites

3. Spill Under: When your direct referrals sponsor more than two people

4. Downline re-entry: When your downline completes a Profit Center they will follow you into your open Profit Center in the next available position from left tonight.

5. New Re-entry: When the system purchases another position for you after cycling out.

The first two people directly under you are passed on to pay your sponsor whether you referred them into the business or not, while the next four people who fall in your second generation will pay you, whether you referred them or not. This repeats to infinity.

Here is the interesting part, every time you earn from all the four people in your second generation, the system will automatically purchase a new package for you so you can keep earning $75, $100 or $250 continuously, depending on the participation level you are.

How To Fully Unlock 9 Streams of Passive Income In 60 – 90 Days

Appi Travels has made this business affordable for everyone to join with a one-time out-of-pocket cost of only $35, and I’m here to show you a proven blueprint to make a fortune out of that small token …and automatically unlock up to 9 different income sources for you at the same time in Appi Travels.

Don’t believe me that in as little as 60 days you can fully unlock as many as 9 streams of passive income with just a one-time payment of $35? Try this tested strategy that top earners in AppiTravels are proud to recommend.

Step 1: Register for the Explorer Appi Fund 2.0 package for $35.

Step 2: Try and fill up your profit center by recruiting people…recruiting nonstop in your first month through spillover. Remember you’ll be earning $25 per every referral on your second generation.

Step 3: When you’ve earned sufficiently in excess of $125, say $250, use $125 to upgrade to the Traveler Appi Fund 2.0, and withdraw the excess to your bank account. This means that you’re now earning in two Profit Centers and making $25 and $100 commissions for yourself.

Step 4: Withdraw $200 and bank the rest till you reach $75 then upgrade to the Explorer Even up.

Step 5: Withdraw your $500 and bank the rest till you reach $275 then upgrade to the Navigator Appi Fund 2.0. Now you’re earning in 4 different Profit Centers, 1RRMB and making $25EAF +$100TAF +$250NAF + $25EE + 100% RRMB commissions.

Step 6: Withdraw $500 and bank the rest till you reach $250 then upgrade to the Traveler Even up.

Step 7: Withdraw $500 and bank the rest till you reach $550 then upgrade to the Navigator Even up.

Now you are earning in 6 different Profit Centers and making $25EAF $100TAF + $250NAF + $25EE + $100TE + $250NE commissions + 100% Matching commissions = $25EE + $100TE + $250NE.

… ALL 9 sources of revenue.

(where EAF = Explorer Appi Fund , TAF = Traveler Appi Fund, NAF = Navigator Appi Fund, EE = Explorer Even Up, TE = Traveler Even Up, NE = Navigator Even Up)

There’s the formula…Appi Travels blueprint to earn big in less than 90 days!

Experience Appi Travels Now

Why Should You Trust Appi Travels?

Unlike many other online businesses that falter, Appi Travels, though established in 2016, is a global company with a presence in over 200 countries, and paid out well over $20,800,000 to its affiliate members all over the world in its first 14 months…yet getting better every day.

What if you could earn just 0.5% of the income above, what difference would that make in your life?

Why should I sign up immediately and not delay my signup after discovering APPI Travels?

The earlier you become a Paid Member of APPI Travels the Faster you Start Earning a Daily & Weekly USD Income! As a Paid Member you will be granted access to our Exclusive Members Only Area!

As a Travels Affiliate what do I have to do to earn an income?

As an affilliate you will earn an income by sharing APPI’s products and affiliate opportunity with others. This is achieved by sharing your unique personal referral Appi link that you would get after purchasing a package

How do I get paid?

Independent Affiliate Members are paid usin one of our five Merchant accounts; STP, Perfect Money, Dusupay, Advance Cash, Coin Payments (BTC, Ether) and a Pre-Paid Mastercard

Is APPI Travels an international company?

Since being launched in Canada in October 2016, APPI Travels membership has expanded with over 115,000 members in over 200 countries with a payout in commissions of over 70,000,000 USD

How do I make my payment to become a paid member?

There are multiple payment methods available through our Merchant accounts; Visa/Mastercard, STP, Perfect Money, Dusupay, Advance Cash, Coin Payments (BTC, Ether)

How To Join Appi Travels And Start Earning Almost Immediately

The start-up cost of joining the Appi Travel business is a one-time low out-of-pocket cost of only $35, a reasonably affordable price to start your own home business that you can recoup almost immediately.

1). You can purchase your $35 package by using one of the payment methods below: SolidTrustPay, Perfect Money, Okpay, Ethereum, MasterCard/Visa Card and Bitcoin wallet.

We recommend using MasterCard/Visa Card since majority of people have access to a MasterCard/Visa Card and also because payments is activated very fast on it.

Whichever means of payment you choose, ensure you fund your account or credit card with some extra money to cover both the package fee and the transaction charges. (i.e. $39 for the $35 Explorer package, etc.)

2). Fund your MasterCard/Visa Card with at least $40 so as to cover for both the $35 Explorer Package purchase and the transaction fees.

3) It is mandatory to register through your sponsor’s affiliate link HERE

4) …And in less than the time, it takes you to eat your favorite meal your AppiTravels account is fully functional and ready to go.

Now that I’ve shown you how AppiTravels can make you realize your dreams faster than you ever thought possible, it’s time for you to ACT ON THIS.

If you ignore your little to no-income condition, you’ll slowly spiral down into financial ruin, under the weight of house rent, school fees, transport fares, airtime/data, name it! You’ll end up losing the respect of your spouse and colleagues.

Imagine…in as little as a few weeks or months, you could be manifesting the life you’ve always dreamed of. Imagine being totally free, being your own boss, enjoying an improved lifestyle…happy and loving relationships with your spouse and kids…all because you decided to say “YES” today.

Join Appi Travels Today

Best Regards

P.S. Don’t forget that the Explorer Appi Fund 2.0 is a win-win package for you because the incentives are valued at $2997 compared to the low one-time registration fee of $35.

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