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ADD ASIA is a unique online investment platform, which allows independent investors from all over the world to receive dividends from google ads different types of ads platform.

You think that google ads are not risky, and the entry threshold for the ad market, as well as google ads, is set too high? With ADD ASIA, you will not have to worry about any of these aspects anymore – entrust your money management to our professional team.





Now you might wonder how does it work? Let’s start the process.
First of all, register in our website. Users click on the advertiser’s advertising and view it
throughout the amount of time specified by the advertiser. After viewing the advertisements,
the user gets reward points accordingly.
Users can fetch their amount once it comes to a specific amount (according to rules and
regulations). Users have to do just one thing. That is Registration with our system.
Our company not only works with huge MNC companies around the world but also,
works in the crypto world.
Now, what is cryptocurrency? Cryptocurrency is a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange that
uses cryptography (to secure its transaction). Cryptocurrency is a new trend.
The world is becoming digital. Cryptocurrencies can be used everywhere nowadays. You can pay college fees,
bars, restaurants, hotels, flights, and a lot more places.


• Sponsor Bonus
• Matching Bonus
• Stake Holding Bonus
• Daily Ad View Points
• Booster Incentive

• You Must Complete Your Task Daily For 3 Seconds Only.
• There is No Holiday Like (Saturday / Sunday or National Holiday).

• You Must Complete Your Task Daily For 3 Seconds Only.
• There is No Holiday Like (Saturday / Sunday or National Holiday).


If your account is activated and you direct sponsor than
you will get 5.00 % of the package instantly.
If your account (U) is activated with $65 and you direct
sponsor (A) and (B) active with $65 and $350
respectively then you will get 5.00 % of their package.
In the example (U) will get $3.25 from (A) and $17.5
from (B) so the total Earing of (U) is $20.75


The system will calculate daily matching bonus closing
The first ratio will be 2:1 or 1:2 and then 1:1 unlimited depth.
Daily get the 8.00% of you matching business
Capping is as per the package and a maximum of $1000 per day
Note:- you have to 1-1 direct sponsor on the left and right side
to get this income. (A&B Compulsory)


If your account is activated then you are eligible for the post
you ads with banner in the global world!
To get the Daily viewpoints you should have to view one
ad per day and you get point for your respective packages.
For the example (U) is active with $350 then (U) will get
$7.87 per daily view ads for 89 days.
So total Points after 89 days will be $700.


For Booster income,
you have to direct sponsor at least one in Left
and one in Right with the same or higher package of
your package within 5 days of your joining.
You will get 100% of your first package.
Note: After Booster It Will Is 4%-6%


Stake Holding Incentive is just one click away to make your
ad view points 1.5 times! Magic is you get 3 times of
the amount of your package at the maturity of the package.
To get this income you only have not to any withdraw of
your ad view point till the maturity date. After the maturity of
your package, you will get 3 times of your package.
For the example (U) is active with $350 then (U) will get
$1050 after 89 days but you should not withdraw in
between times.

Note: If You Don’t Withdraw Your Income up to Last Day Of The Package
Condition. Then You Will Be Received 3Time Of Your Investment.


• 1$ = 75 Rs.
• Minimum withdrawal $ 1.0
• Daily crypto withdrawal in you block chain wallet
• Minimum instant withdrawal 75 Rs.
• Daily instant withdrawal in your bank account
• All payout deduction 10% administration charge
• Capping as per your package. Maximum capping $ 1000
• You will get ads the same days of your activation.
• For Matching Bonus you must have 1-1 direct
• Sponsor both side(Left / Right)
• Daily payout system in ad viewpoints
• All Incentive payout system will auto-closing daily,
you can withdraw any incentive after 24 hours.
• If You Not Satisfied By The Company, Then You Can
Withdraw The Principle Amount Within 15 Day’s
• There Is No Holiday. Payment 7 Days Of The Week full business plan

ADDRESS 10 Home Farm Barns, Mamhead, Exeter, Devon, England, EX6 8HP

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